Ready to put your best foot forward and learn how to Ballroom dance? Better know what you’re signing up for!

A 10-week course great for anyone whether you have past experience or are trying it out for the first time. Learn basic technique, such as poise, musical interpretation, and lead and follow for the waltz, tango and foxtrot.

A 10-week course perfect for the absolute newbie or someone looking to improve what they know. Learn the basic steps and technique of fun, high energy latin dances, such as the cha cha, salsa and mambo, while also focusing on how to properly lead and follow.

Line Dance
A 10-week course, no partner required, which incorporates the steps and music from different dance styles, such as cha cha, tango, swing, mambo and more. Easy, beginner to high-beginner level dances with fun and fitness in mind.